No, you can leave the mattresses outside and a check under your door mat or taped to your front door.
We accept cash, check and credit cards. Payment is due when we pick up unless you are a commercial client with an account set up with us.
No, payment is not due until we pick up the mattress.
No, the mattress can be stained, damaged, ripped. However, we do not pick up mattresses that have large amounts of blood due to a crime scene or death.
No we will not resale or sale to another company who will resale. We do not want to put the general public in jeopardy. We care for our community and people in it. The recyclable components go to local vendors who will take it and make new products like the foam becomes carpet underlayment. The metal spring gets melted and becomes reusable steel to build other things like car frames etc.
The mattress gets stripped and then the different components will get recycled with local vendors. We do not resale any of the mattresses or sale any of the materials to others who rebuild or manufacture mattresses.
Yes, we will pick up and recycle as many as you have that need to be recycled.
NO, unfortunately we do not accept drop offs from individuals at our facility. We only do pickups at this time. If you are a commercial account with large quantity we can arrange to have you drop them off at our facility.
As a commercial client we understand you will provide volume thus our commercial dept. can work with you to come up with a quote. Call our commercial dept. at extension 2 to discuss your options.
We accept all other kinds of beds from normal mattresses to hospital type. We accept futons and any other bed that can be recycled.
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